The Fourth Reich is an area for like minded Brüders, who share a deep seated passion for the Third Reich and all it stood for:  the Power, the Uniform, the Supremacy of the Aryan race, the politics, unity, terror, duty, honour and strength.

These pages are for Brüders who share that and want to take this on into a new glorious Fourth Reich, a global rebirth of the Third Reich.  Because Brüders on Black Altar all have one thing in common, their sexuality, Brüders in the Fourth Reich have a stronger bond, their sexuality and Nazism and their unsurpassable lust for another man in our beloved Nazi Uniform.

These pages give you the only chance, anywhere in cyberspace to meet with men that want you in the Uniform of a Nazi!  SSoldiers of the Reich, through these pages, have the only opportunity anywhere on the web to enter into chat with one another and actually type or say the words "Sieg Heil", "Nazi", "Führer" etc without being immediately moderated! 

However let us not forget that these pages are provided for more than a casual cyber wank (but please do enjoy as much of that with your fellow Nazis as possible!) – they offer a real platform for real Nazis to meet, to celebrate, to plan, to organise, to bring about a new world order.

So welcome to our glorious Fourth Reich, enjoy these pages, their content and as many of the Brüders as you can.  Perhaps we will connect you with a Bruder close to you so you can enjoy many hours of sex with another horny Nazi while plotting how go grow the Fourth Reich around you.

Abide by our Absolute Rules of Membership and you will do fine:

  • Members are requested to upload at least one clear face picture to their profile, along with their chosen name and current location.
  • Any member found using someone else's profile without permission or using photos on sites like Tumblr will be banned.
  • The use of foul, abusive and threatening language is requested to be moderated.

For this group to be a success, all soldiers need to take a positive role in the Site and show their commitment and dedication to the Cause.  We will not tolerate complaints that “no-one contacts me”, “nothing happens on here” or similar if you have just sat back and waited for things to happen. 

We welcome any suggestions as to how to improve these pages and make the group more effective.  Similarly any complaints about the group have to go to Reichsführer-SS.

It is our belief that there are many Brüders out there still “in the Nazi closet”.  We need to find them, open that closet door and release them so that they can be their true selves by showing them that they are not alone and that our fight is their fight.  Power corrupts, Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely.  Go out and corrupt as many as you can to give us more Power.

We are NOT a political group and hold no linked membership to groups like the National Front, BNP or EDL.

Join in, make new friends, promote our cause, march side by side with your booted Brüders, have fun and enjoy!

Für Die Ehre Des Vierten Reiches